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Behind the art

Amanda Schwarz-Nielsen: I have been drawing and painting since childhood. It began with my grandmother teaching me the basic skills, while telling me stories, myth and legends. She also told me, that I was not the only woman in my family, who had been fond of painting. At the end of the 18th century a woman on my grandmothers side of the family had become quite famous, and I immediatly thought it my mission to step in her footsteps.

By chance I one day was given this peculiar painting as a gift. Having mentioned on one occasion my relationship with my great grandmother, someone remembered receiving this painting many years ago. It was some story of a dentist who had once gotten ahold of the painting. And now, many generations later, the current owner thought I should have it. It was a small nicely framed oil painting made by my great grandmother Betha Wegmann (1846-1926).

What it portraits puzzles me greatly. A woman bowing down in front of a statue or a caped person? Is the woman almost naked? Bertha Wegmann's story always fascinated me. She studied in Germany and in Paris, and she never married.  

My interest in painting has always been accompanied by an appetite for studying society and human nature. Hoping to understand human nature and society more deeply, I began studying political science. What I found were more myths, stories and legends. I dug into theories of power, identity and exploitation. I found belief and political hope inspiring. And at the bottom of the most intriguing theories art began to appear as a remedy - as a way to think and question life. So painting began slowly but surely to reappear in my life as a necessity.

I paint, draw and write all with the same purpose in mind: for the  exploration of humans and the education and expansion of desire.  

Amanda Schwarz-Nielsen

Born 1991

From Denmark

Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark

About amanda

The painting of Bertha Wegmann signed B. W.

Title and year unknown but with a newspaper article of Bertha Wegmann's life on the back.

Exhibitions and education


2018 april, Galleri Symbol SOLO exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 january, Blå Gallery with Københavns Tegneskole, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 june, Københavns Kunstskole with Københavns Kunstskole, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011-2012, KUAs Hovedbibliotek with Studenternes Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010-2011, Århus Rådhus with Testrup Højskole, Aarhus, Denmark

Københavns Tegneskole, august 2016- december 2016


Københavns Kunstskole, april 2016- june 2016


Master in Political Science, University of Copenhagen, august 2011- february 2017


Mentored by fine art and portrait painter Mikael Melbye 2013

Testrup Højskole, kunstlinje, august 2010- january 2011

Education and courses