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Every portrait starts with a meeting preferably in person where artist and model talk about initial ideas. A rough idea of size, style, composition and atmosphere is discussed. Should the painting for example include some artefacts? Such as a specific background? Furniture? Pets? (Cats get included in the portrait with a discount). Clothing choices?


Depending on the subject some rough sketches might already be done at this point experimenting with composition and detail. When size, detail and atmosphere is agreed upon, a price for the portrait is negotiated.

An agreement is signed to ensure that the client and the artist have aligned their expectations.

A portrait painted in a couple of hours together with the model in oil costs 5.000kr (Danish Crowns). This is a sketchy portrait with liveliness. After the sitting is done it might be expected there are some hours of extra work to complete it fully without the model.


If a more conventional portrait is wanted with many details and made with photographic reference the price usually starts around 15.000kr  for a head and shoulders portrait. The conventional portrait begins with a sitting in which the model is sketched with pencil or/and oil on the canvas. Reference photos are also taken. The first sitting takes around 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size and detail of the portrait. The initial sketch on canvas and the photos will be reviewed with the client for their feedback and approval before the work is continued.

When the portrait is finished, there will be another three weeks of waiting for the painting to dry completely and the varnish to be administered. The varnish protects the painting and reestablishes the original colours, which has often faded a bit during the drying process.​

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