Projects // Performances - FOX - TAIL - THICKET - BIRDS

FOX - TAIL - THICKET - BIRDS is an installation and performance still under development. The performance uses both sound, spoken text, singing and visual performance with a duration around10 minutes.


The performance starts with three accusations against women from 2010 famously made by a man who later became a Danish politician and government minister. There are also references to the Danish mythological creature ‘Slattenlangpatte’ (Dangly-long-tits) who is said to run around by streams feeding her fish children with her long breasts. The song at the end of the performance is the oldest known piece of Nordic music which dates from approximately the 13th century.

Due to Covid-19 the performance has been postponed.

Pictures from FOX - TAIL - THICKET - BIRDS (2020)

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