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Exhibition at Gallery Symbol in Copenhagen april 14th - april 28th 2018

I'm having an exhibition at Gallery Symbol where I'll be showing some of my newest paintings. Here I'm standing with some cards made by the gallery representing the exhibition and inviting guests >>

Mød Amanda fra ‘Danmarks bedste Portrætmaler’

Vi holder FERNISERING i Galleri Symbol

lørdag den 14. april 2018. kl. 16.00 – 18.00

Amanda Schwarz-Nielsen (finalist i “Danmarks bedste Portrætmaler”) udstiller en række nyere malerier på Gallerisymbol. Amanda (f. 1991) maler primært i olie og med mennesket som motiv. Hendes modeller er tit i forvandling, i deres følelsers vold, eller i forbindelse med det dystre og overnaturlige. Amanda trækker på sin fascination for horror, drømme og myter samt en bred vifte af politisk filosofi som cand.scient. pol. fra Københavns Universitet. Den klassiske oliemaling teknik har hun tilegnet sig på forskellige skoler og som elev af oliemaleren Mikael Melbye. Amanda bor og arbejder på Østerbro.

From the gallery website: gallerisymbol.dk

Made it to the final "Danmarks Bedste Portrætmester" march 22th

I made it to the final in the danish version of 'portrait artist of the year'. And I must say it went really well.

My portrait was chosen as the favorite by the portrayed actress Ghita Nørby. A danish film actress whom I've always admired. I did not however go home with the title as being "the best portrait artist of the year" - but that was only in the opinion of the three awesome judges - so who is really to decide? And if I had won I would not even call my self "the best portrait artist", since there are much better portrait artists out there - I could for example mention Mikael Melbye. But it was still super thrilling to be painting in front of an audience and having my art judged and looked upon at such an extent. But I was actually a bit surprised by how somewhat calme I was during the ordeal, and how much fun I had. The portrayed Ghita Nørby said I was even dancing at one point without really noticing my self. 

What I gained the most from the experience was an acknowledgement of my own skills as an painter: What I can do under pressure, and how enjoyable painting is to me no matter the context. Also - that I had much greater skills than I expected - since I rarely compare my work with others under such conditions of comparison.

When it was finally time for the final to be shown on danish television, I gathered friends and family - and we had a lovely evening with jokes and laughs. I've gathered pictures of the highlights from the TV-show and the evening with friends and family:

I am participating in "Danmarks Bedste Portrætmaler"march 2018

(the danish version of "Portrait artist of the year")

I am participating in the television program called "Danmarks Bedste Portrætmaler".
The first episode will be on march 7th 20:45 on DR1.

It has been a super rewarding experience in so many ways. In the first episode I'm painting in the great church hall of Kolding Hus - an old medieval castle. I was of course super thrilled to have such a beautiful stage for painting. And I would of course have enjoyed painting an medieval queen or warrior in full plate armour, but I guess it was ok to paint the famous danish singer Mads Langer aswell. On the plus site, he was super funny. Overall an amazing experience.

And - as I'm sure you know already - the judges wanted to see more of me, so I'll be on the final aswell.

New homepage december 2017

It finally happened. I created a new webpage. It still needs a few finishing touches - like good pictures of my paintings! But I hope you will enjoy the page nonetheless.

I hope this webpage will offer me space to show of more of my work and thought, which has developed at amazing haste the last couple of years. I'm very satisfied that my art has fused more with political philosophy and my everlasting fascination for the darker cornors of the mind.

I hope in time I will display not only paintings but also my thought process, texts and visions.