Projects // Performances - The Moon-Book-Mobile

The Moon-Book-Mobile is an interactive sculpture producing sounds. The core consists of a 'book' which has formerly been used for keeping vinyls. Taking the vinyls out the book has been transformed with spiral decorations and wires, that makes the book  sensitive to touch when used together with a specially designed mobile.


The mobile consists of hanging moons which are wired and also sensitive to touch.


When the centre of the book is touched with one hand while the other touches a hanging moon a sound is initiated. Every moon produces a different sound.

Essentially, the Moon-Book-Mobile would be the outcome if a wizard's magical book had a baby with a DJ's mixing board.

The Moon-Book-Mobile was showcased in my studio space at Edinburgh College of Art in December 2019.

Mixed media, wires, gouache, Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey.

The Moon-Book-Mobile (2019)

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