Paintings // Drawings - Selected work 2020

I paint and draw on paper, canvas, found objects, reused bedding and many other materials. I also work with illustrations for books and do portraits. 

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Selected work 2020

Gouache on paper.

Acrylics and gesso on bedding.

Many of my paintings with gouache on paper look at the relationship between modernity, nature and women in some way or another. However tranquil a subject it continuous to be contested and make trouble.

The images below are made on pillow cases using gesso and acrylics. The pillow cases are 'old' ones I've found or they have been donated. Some have tags from brands like IKEA and they vary in how used they are. 


The former owners of the bedding have used it for sleeping, dreaming and other nocturnal activities, which have filled the fabric with energy and emotions. There is also something sacrilegious about making bedding ‘dirty’ with painting and hanging it out to dry.

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