Troublesome Nature //

Troublesome Nature


Art Graduate Show
from Edinburgh College of Art, 2020


Towards my Art Graduate Show from Edinburgh College of Art I’ve been working on pieces and projects all corresponding to troublesome nature as an overarching theme. Through paintings, sculptures, happenings and writing I’ve been looking into the complex narratives and myths relating to women and nature trying to invent new stories or simply giving in to historical tropes.

Due to Covid-19 there is no physical Graduate Show, so I’ve taken my work online and divided it into three rooms.

Introduction to Troublesome Nature

Nature is trees, animals, photosynthesis and much, much more. It is basically considered to be everything outside or opposed to human civilization. As supposed opposites of 'our order', nature must be wild and unruly. So wild that for a long time in (European) history we have tried to shepherd nature, fencing or uncovering it along with everything else associated with the wild world: dreams and their monsters, hidden desires and uncategorized hybrids that don’t fit in. Women as a gender-category have historically been associated with this bundle of trouble; as being more susceptible to the mayhem of nature by giving in, becoming overwhelmed or practicing secret crafts and meeting in the dark with monstrosities.

Troublesome nature keeps shaking and disturbing us - and it sometimes seems awfully pleased to do so.


I spell trouble and it starts here

Bird Women



Women's work:

Laundry and dreams