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Born 1991

Living in Sorø, Denmark
Working in Sorø and Roskilde, Denmark


Amanda Schwarzfeldt is currently working at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde in the position of office manager, while working as an interdisciplinary artist doing paintings, sculptures, text and collaborative projects.


Amanda has studied political science and contemporary art. In her art she works with narratives, history and political theory to examine topics such as gender and nature, and she creates new narratives and imagery in her work to counter their historical subjugation. She has attended art schools including Copenhagen School of Art (2016) and Edinburgh College of Art, where she also finished her MA in Contemporary Art Practice (2020). Moving from a background in painting she has in recent years branched out to include different mediums and more closely align her work with her political interests. She holds a BA and MA in Political Science (2017) from University of Copenhagen, where she took her studies in the direction of sociology and philosophy, completing her Master’s Thesis on Utopianism. Amanda also writes politically and have attended the Danish School of Media and Journalism (2015) and Politiken School of Debate (2018).

Amanda and her partner has occupied an old farmstead near the forest in Sorø and they are currently in the process of turning it into a studio and exhibition space while at the same time building a family home. They try to do most of the work themselves with help from friends and family using some of the most sustainable building materials available.

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