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Amanda Schwarzfeldt 

Born 1991

Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark

STATEMENT                             April 2020


I work with painting, sculpture, mobiles, sound, electronics, performance and coding. Moons, bugs, cats, foxes, women and patterns are reoccurring motifs in my artwork, and I like to engage in my Scandinavian culture and be part of how it is understood and shaped. Some of my pieces are interactive with microcontrollers triggering sounds and light, and I also perform with dance, chanting and storytelling.

Coming from a background where I’ve studied political science as well as art, I’m especially interested in political topics such as feminism, utopianism and ecology. In my art practice I like to mix these political perspectives with my fascination for Scandinavian myths, paganism and fantasy (and tabletop role-playing!). It enables me to dream of another society and make ‘mirrors’ I can use to see our current political society through. This is a way for me to work with my culture and both undue and redo it, and I believe in the powers of fantastic imagination, myths and desire and how it shapes our world and can potentially reshape it. I also find it powerful and necessary to be mystified and brought into another state of mind which is ecstatic and wild.

Pillow Case Paintings (2020) Part of HOUSEHOLD, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland



2018, November, Exhibition at MT Højgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 April, Exhibition at Galleri Symbol, Copenhagen, Denmark



2020, February, HOUSEHOLD, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

2020, January, SALON DES REFUSÉS | EMBASSY Gallery Members Show 2020, Edinburgh, Scotland

2018, May, PORTRÆTMALERE Exhibition at Frederiksberg Kunstforening, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2017 January, Exhibition at Blå Gallery with Københavns Tegneskole, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 June, Exhibition at Københavns Kunstskole with Københavns Kunstskole, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 March, Group exhibition at Dome of Visions at Aisha Fukushima concert, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011-2012, Dec-Jan, KUAs Hovedbibliotek with Studenternes Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010-2011, Dec-Jan, Århus Rådhus with Testrup Højskole, Aarhus, Denmark

Education and courses

Master in Contemporary Art Practice, Edinburgh University, College of art, september 2019- ongoing

Københavns Tegneskole, august 2016- december 2016


Københavns Kunstskole, april 2016- june 2016


Master in Political Science, University of Copenhagen, august 2011- february 2017


Mentored by fine art and portrait painter Mikael Melbye 2013

Testrup Højskole, kunstlinje, august 2010- january 2011

Compitetions and scholarships

Scholarship, William Demant Fonden, 2019

Scholarship, Knud Højgaards Fond, 2019


Finalist on 'Danmarks bedste portrætmaler' (Danish Sky Artist of the Year), march 2018


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