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I work with painting, sculpture, writing and storytelling to examine narratives surrounding nature and women. There are many historical scars when it comes to these subjects, which is especially true if you conceptually fuse the two together. It continues to be a contested field of study that causes trouble. However, it is also highly relevant in light of the political struggle of women and the ecological crisis of today.


I like to touch upon historical events usually connected to Scandinavia, but I also move freely between 'reality' and fiction, considering folklore and mythology in my work. I also make up my own narratives and characters, which is a way for me to engage in my historical culture and both undo and redo while fueling the imagination so that we might talk about alternative political possibilities – especially in regard to gender and nature.


Recently, I have started doing practices such as happenings and talks that do not necessarily have a material output but are more about telling a story or carving out a space in which to experiment or be mystified.




ARTIST BIO August 2020

Born 1991

Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark


Amanda Schwarzfeldt is an interdisciplinary artist who has studied political science and contemporary art. She works with narratives, history and political theory to examine topics such as gender and nature, and she creates new narratives and imagery in her work to counter their historical subjugation. She has attended art schools including Copenhagen School of Art (2016) and Edinburgh College of Art, where she also finished her MA in Contemporary Art Practice (2020). Moving from a background in painting she has in recent years branched out to include different mediums and more closely align her work with her political interests. She holds a BA and MA in Political Science (2017) from University of Copenhagen, where she took her studies in the direction of sociology and philosophy, completing her Master’s Thesis on Utopianism. Amanda also writes politically and have attended the Danish School of Media and Journalism (2015) and Politiken School of Debate (2018). 



2020, 27th of July, BIRD WOMEN, Deep Forest Art Land, Denmark. One day installation and talk

2018 November, Exhibition at MT Højgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 April, Exhibition at Galleri Symbol, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 June-Sept, at Copenhagen Body Extremes, Denmark



2020 February, HOUSEHOLD, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

2020 January, SALON DES REFUSÉS | EMBASSY Gallery Members Show 2020, Edinburgh, Scotland

2018 May, PORTRÆTMALERE Exhibition at Frederiksberg Kunstforening, Frederiksberg, Denmark

2017 January, Exhibition at Blå Gallery with Københavns Tegneskole, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 June, Exhibition at Københavns Kunstskole with Københavns Kunstskole, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 March, Group exhibition at Dome of Visions at Aisha Fukushima concert, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011-2012 Dec-Jan, KUAs Hovedbibliotek with Studenternes Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010-2011 Dec-Jan, Århus Rådhus with Testrup Højskole, Aarhus, Denmark

Education and courses

 BA and MA

2019-2020 Sept-Aug, Master in Contemporary Art Practice, Edinburgh University, College of Art

2011-2017 Aug-Feb, Master in Political Science, University of Copenhagen


2018 Sept-Dec, Politiken School of Debate

2016 Aug-Dec, Copenhagen School of Drawing (Københavns Tegneskole)


2016 April-June, Copenhagen School of Art (Københavns Kunstskole)


2015 Jan-June, Danish School of Media and Journalism, one semester as part of MA in Political Science  (Tillægsuddannelsen i Journalistik)


2013, Mentored by fine art and portrait painter Mikael Melbye 

2010-2011 Aug-Jan, Testrup Højskole, Course on Art (Kunstlinjen) 

Competitions and scholarships

2019, Scholarship, William Demant Fonden

2019, Scholarship, Knud Højgaards Fond


2018 March, Finalist on 'Danmarks bedste portrætmaler' (Danish Sky Artist of the Year)


Publications and writing

2019 The Woman On The Bonfire Is A Tribute To All Women, Politiken, June 23th

2018  Why Women Are Not Just Saying No, Politiken, November 15th 

2018 What Did We Learn from #Metoo? Interview by F-Frekvensen, February 5th


2017 Tilbage Til Fremtiden: En Diskursanalyse af Utopier i Danske Partiprogrammer. Speciale fra Københavns Universitet, Institut for Statskundskab. Medforfatter Tine Skov Gyrsting.

2014 Don't Get A Grip, Hysteria #5 Nonsense