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Some of my projects are collaborative pieces, where I and others have come together to create one single piece of work like a video. Usually I work on these projects with filmmaker Amine Kromann Karacan.


Other projects are themes I've been exploring making many pieces like drawings, paintings, sculptures and texts or by staging meetings or discussions on the theme.

Here you can see some of my selected projects


A collaborative video project about vengeance and healing made for and by women explored freely, angrily, happily and ridiculously. This project was a collaborative piece created for Edinburgh College of Art in 2021.

AGIMM 2.png

The project has several pieces including paintings, sculpture, happenings and talks all exploring bird women as a topic. A part of the project was the happening 'Sister - Where Do You Spread Your Wings?' Some sculptures were showcased at Deep Forest Art Land
as part of the project, which was also part of my MA Graduate Show.

Amine og Amanda Blue Wings.jpg


A series of paintings exploring women's work and dreams which historically (and perhaps to this day) has been considered a suspicious. Central for this series of work was the installation of several 'pillow case paintings' at Edinburgh College of Art as part of the group exhibition HOUSEHOLD.



This project is a series of paintings inspired by isolation in close proximity to nature. They are done on paper, which is sometimes pieced together by smaller pieces, painted with Gouache and water color.

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