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I work with painting, sculpture, writing and storytelling to examine narratives surrounding nature and women. There are many historical scars when it comes to these subjects, which is especially true if you conceptually fuse the two together. It continues to be a contested field of study that causes trouble. However, it is also highly relevant in light of the political struggle of women and the ecological crisis of today.


I like to touch upon historical events usually connected to Scandinavia, but I also move freely between 'reality' and fiction, considering folklore and mythology in my work. I also make up my own narratives and characters, which is a way for me to engage in my historical culture and both undo and redo while fueling the imagination so that we might talk about alternative political possibilities – especially in regard to gender and nature.


Recently, I have started doing practices such as happenings and talks that do not necessarily have a material output but are more about telling a story or carving out a space in which to experiment or be mystified.


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